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Barred Owl Birds of Prey Notebook Set


My barred owl and peregrine falcon kraft paper notebooks have 60 pages each (lined or blank, you choose) and are a perfect size to put in your bag or even just in a pocket. They would make a lovely gift for a student, a bird enthusiast, or anyone who likes to jot things down! All my notebooks are decorated on the cover with hand-printed linocuts, making each one unique and special.

The weight of the paper in these notebooks is recommended for use with pencils, coloring pencils and regular ink pens. They are not ideal for paints, paint pens or watercolors.

- set of two 4"x 5.5" recycled paper with sewn binding and paper sleeve

- safe, linseed-oil based inks

- environmentally friendly, sustainable art

- ink colors are hand-mixed per batch, so colors may vary slightly